How WordPress Site works

Before we jump straight into WordPress loading time, let’s try to explain and make clear how WordPress works. As we know that WordPress powers over 37.6% of all the websites across the globe.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open source CMS (Content Management System) developed in PHP and uses a MySQL database to store the data (although you can also use SQLite databases using an external module).

What is CMS?

CMS means that anyone can make use and edit the site powered through WordPress software for free. It is an important tool which makes you easy to manage various component of your website like Post, Pages, Design, Themes, Formats, Sidebar and many more with the available tools without having knowledge of programming.

At the end, we can say WordPress is the easiest and the most popular way to create different categories of website or blog.

Which categories of WordPress Websites is available?

Earlier, WordPress was just a tool to create a blog or simple websites but nowadays WordPress provide a massive ecosystem of WordPress themes, design and plugins.

    For example, With WordPress, you can create a variety of WordPress sites:

    • eCommerce stores
    • ERP Modules
    • Blogs and Portfolios
    • Resumes and Forums
    • Social networking sites
    • Membership sites
    • Many more responsive site

The operation of WordPress is simple, if we do not take into account the cache systems and other mechanisms that influence or can influence the load. PHP code is simply executed that queries data in the MySQL database to build an HTML page that is subsequently displayed to the user or visitor in their web browser.

What are some issues in WordPress?

WordPress website is not a slow CMS , but if we load a lot of plugins and a heavy theme in it, it may become a slow CMS . We must bear in mind that this is not the fault of WordPress , but rather the fault of the webmaster who is developing the website. There are some techniques to reduce WordPress loading time.

What are the steps to create WordPress websites?

Building a website needs a little bit patience, but don’t worry we are here to help you.  We are working hard day and night to bring a comprehensive and smart solution. Please follow the steps and make your own website.

  1. Decide! You would go for or is an open source CMS (Content Management System) system, while is a kind of website builder. Don’t be panic. I am giving you a basic difference here:
    • 100% customization
    • Limited customization
    • Rich Variety of Plugin (free and paid)
    • Limited variety of Plugin (free and paid)
    • Powerful content for Blogging and storage
    • Easy but limited

  1. Domain Name

Buying a domain is very simple. Just go to websites of domain registering sites like Godaddy, NameCheap , etc.

A domain name should be close to your business or services as possible. It should be as precise as possible. Domain name should be easy to remember and engaging.

  1. Selecting Hosting Provider

Once you have got domain name then you need to get hosting for that domain address. It’s like plot where your domain will resides.

For this you may go for various hosting websites like Godaddy, NameCheap, Bluehost etc.

  1. Install WordPress

After hosting the websites, you need to install WordPress theme. For this you should go to hosting dashboard and you will find a one click WordPress installation. Many hosting providers are providing this services. Pls see an example for Bluehost:

  1. Select a theme

For this you should follow the following pretty steps:

  • login WordPress dashboard.
  • Go to left of Dashboard -Appearance, then click ‘Themes’
  • Click ‘Add New’, then browse themes under under ‘Featured’ or ‘Popular’
  • See demo of few theme
  • Select the best and click on activate
  1. Add Content

Once your theme is installed you will go to create content.

For this you can go to create Page and Post. Pages are static in nature, where you can write about us, contact us, etc. While Post are listed in chronological order and category-wise, either on the homepage or sidebar. There may be a separate blog section for this.

For Pages: To add a new page, go to Pages > Add New

For Post: To add a new post, go to Post > Add New

  1. Customize your site

There are many tools to website dashboard which help you to design your site accordingly.

  1. Install Plugins

There are many features which you wants but not available to your dashboard. For the availability for these features you install Plugin (Free or Premium). For this you go to dashboard and click on Plugin then add new.

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