How to Optimize WordPress Website

Let’s start at the beginning, to understand why and how we can optimize WordPress website to make our website or blog’s WordPress load much faster without consuming much resources on the server.

At WebEsperto we are experts in optimizing WordPress website and always trying new ways to  achieve a good website loading speed in WordPress at the cost of minimum resources consumption.

With the improvement in the website loading speed we manage to improve the usability for the users and we also take enough advantages of the crawl budget assigned by the Google crawler , and with the reduction of the consumption of resources,  we save infrastructure costs ( including hosting  or  server ) and at the same time we reduce the possibility of having problems in traffic spikes .

In this article we will try to explain, point by point,  practical techniques of “How to improve the loading speed of WordPress website”. The implementation of a good caching system to the ideal server-level environment will optimize WordPress website.

If you want to continue this article on how to optimize WordPress website, then you to go through the complete content index of the article that we will gradually expand as we do R&D.

Optimize WordPress Website

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    • How WordPress works
    • WordPress loading speed
    • WordPress resource consumption
    • Factors influencing loading speed
    • How to test the loading speed in WordPress
    • Pingdom Tools
    • GTmetrix
    • Google PageSpeed ​​Insights
    • ByteCheck
    • WordPress cache plugin
    • WP Rocket for WordPress
    • W3 Total Cache for WordPress
    • WP Fastest Cache for WordPress
    • Other WordPress caching plugins

    • Image optimization in WordPress
    • EWWW Image Optimizer for WordPress
    • Imagify for WordPress
    • WP Smush for WordPress
    • Imsanity for WordPress
    • Domain Sharding or parallel loading in WordPress
    • Domain Sharding for WordPress
    • Parallelize Downloads for WordPress
    • Domain Sharding with WP Rocket
    • Domain Sharding with W3 Total Cache
    • Optimize HTML, CSS and JS: minify and combine
    • Autoptimize for WordPress
    • WP Rocket to minify and combine
    • W3 Total Cache to minify and combine
    • WP Fastest Cache to minify and combine
    • Async JS and CSS for WordPress

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