Business Profile & more: You should know these 6 innovations on Instagram

Instagram has made some changes! The one is only visible to a particular target group, as the future business profiles, the others are quite noticeable, like the new logo, but all are helpful to Marketer! Today I show you six new features on Instagram and how you can use them for your social media marketing.

What’s new on Instagram?

Neele has already once about the basic rules, features and tricks on blogging Instagram and shown with a few examples how marketing can work without high-class pictures. But what you should not lose sight of is: always up to date, what new features of individual platforms is concerned! Be the first to play the new features, then you automatically have higher chances for the attention of your users. On Instagram, a lot has already been done in the first half of the year, so I will now show you the coolest and most practical new features in my opinion.

1. Video length

Finally! Instagram has lifted the 15-second limit in April this year and increased it four-fold. Now you have the opportunity to inspire users in 60 seconds and to build more trust and brand loyalty through personality. You can produce the videos directly from the app or use already recorded videos from your library. In addition, you can add different filters, decide whether the video will be published with or without sound, and which sequence will become the title picture – for videos from the library you can also shorten it.

With this change, you have the ability to share more video content on your Instagram account. You can also process content from other platforms, for example by sharing your Snapchat story.


2. Videos show views and viewer

Already since end of February you can find out how many people have seen the videos on Instagram, because this is displayed under each video. If you click on the number of views, you can also see which users have geliked the video and at the same time have the opportunity to follow them directly. This gives you a sense of the relationship between reach and commitment. Although many people have seen the video, but only one handful, you can assume that you have not met the taste of your users. But not only is the function interesting, it is also a great approach to consider the target group more closely and look out for influencers. With these you can then, for example, cooperate in the further course, use these as brand ambassadors or use their image content for you.


3. Tap on a photo ad showing the CTA

If someone clicks on your photo ad, the user will be shown the stored Call-To-Action. This allows you to direct the users directly to your website or app, depending on what you chose as the link target when you created the ad. Very important: This is only for photo ads, not for video ads! If the user once on a video once, then only the sound is switched on and a second time simply off again. A doubletap leads to the like in both display formats. You should think about this function, especially when planning your new ads to consider the format.


4. New design

The new design, launched in May, was probably the most striking change in recent times. All icons have been changed and the app has been redesigned. Instagram’s creative apps like Boomerang or Hyperlapse also have a new design.

Perhaps at first sight only a nice, new design, but in concrete terms it also means that new rules have come into use for the use of the logo and the trademark. On you will find this a very useful article that explains how and you can use the (new) logo for promotional purposes in any form.

5. NewsFeed algorithm

While most people were focused on the new logo, the biggest change is actually the rollout of the new, improved Instagram algorithm . For some users this has already been converted: On closer inspection, the feed is not sorted chronologically according to the newest posts. Instead, you will first receive posts from which Instagram assumes that they are most important to you – but in fact, only the order is changed, not preselected and contributions are not displayed. Apparently, however, it is not the overall management of the post, but actually the personal commitment. This is how a photo of a good friend who has maybe only three Likes and is already four hours old is displayed above the minuted image of a star who already has thousands of Likes.

If you want to make sure your favorite Instagramer are still relevant to your newsfeed, you have two options: Interact with the users, liked and comment on their posts. Or click on the three dots next to the photo and explicitly select the “Enable posting notification” function.


But, of course, as a company, you also want to ensure that the users see the contributions. Inform your users simply via Instagram-Mail or E-Mail about the changes in the feed and what they have to do so they do not miss your latest posts. Tell them that the best way to interact with your posts is to have them turn on the notifications if they want you to follow them. Sooner or later, however, Instagram wants to become like Facebook, so that one can reach its specific target group in the end almost only through advertisements. These can be booked through the advertising ad manager or Power Editor from Facebook. While Instagram does not yet have the ability to selectively generate followers or to send the ads to the existing Instagram community, there is the possibility to direct users directly to your website, certain landing pages, or even to app downloads.

6. Outlook: Instagram Business Tools

Just yesterday Instagram has via announced blog that tools for businesses in planning.

After you have probably also noticed that there are some companies running around (surprise :)) and other functions, in order to be able to measure the success on the platform was also traded. There were probably some conversations with companies active on Instagram. This has resulted in three major ideas for changes that should be adapted to the needs of companies:

1. Business Profile

Should be a free feature to be recognized directly as a company on Instagram. There should be options for communication, ie by telephone, in writing or by e-mail or by clicking on the contact button. As soon as you register as a business profile, the other two functions are also to be released.


2. Insights

The planned Instagram Insights are intended to give companies the possibility to exploit and exploit their own data and results more explicitly. It should give more information to the followers or data about which posts are the best resonances – and all within the app. The better you are informed about the behavior and demographics of the users, the better you can finally adapt the content to them.


3. Promoted Posts

In addition, there should be the possibility to post published posts directly via Instagram. So you save the detour via Facebook and reach more users directly with well-performing posts. Simply select the desired mail and add a button that encourages users to take action. You have the choice of whether you prefer an own or an Instagram suggested target group. Subsequently the post appears as an app, as long as you wish.


7. Conclusion

You see, there are some new features and changes that you can use for your Instagram Marketing and beyond. I personally am looking forward to the Instagram Business Tools, but these are planned for the time being in the USA, Australia and New Zealand and will be available worldwide by the end of the year.

Besides, if you want to see a bit more from the Seokratie everyday, we are of course also on Instagram . You have a question about Instagram or online marketing in general? Does it simply helps Seokratie ! Are you looking for a strong partner for your social media marketing? Then submit your inquiry for Social Media Marketing from Seokratie!

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