12 reasons why your online shop does not work well

12 reasons why your online shop does not work well

You have products, you have an online shop – only the Google Rankings come somehow not. Why is it? Today I call you 12 reasons, what the problem might be. Not all of these points are essential for a good ranking – but they can be taken together!

1 You think good SEO alone is enough for good rankings

Paradox? Yes a little. Previously, with good onpage optimization and link building, you could bring just about every page forward. Today, the algorithm has become much smarter and leaves only good sides to the front, once seen from a few spam pages. Anyone who is concerned about onpage and linkbuilding – and this is called online marketing, will not be a big success. Only through other algorithmic signals, which emanate indirectly from the side (user behavior, signals from other websites, Rankbrain) one enters the spheres that each online shop would like to reach.

That helps: Think of the marketing mix! SEO is not a substitute for online marketing – and without using other channels, SEO can not grow well!

2 You do not know about SEO Basics

Even if you have employees or an SEO agency, you must have at least a basic idea of ​​how SEO works. The strategy you choose determines your SEO success. Which employee do you employ? The content marketer, the linkbuilder or the SEO techie? Which agency do you commission? These decisions have an enormous impact on your direction. Without the necessary knowledge, you can not make them sound. Many online shop operators with good ambitions make the decisive mistake right from the start.

That helps: read you a little to the subject a – in this case using as many different sources! Here We have provided reputable sources available . And of course, also helps our eBook “The way to a successful online shop”.

3 You do not have an allotment feature

Why should Google out of hundreds of shops out of your top 10 bring? In addition to the large and well-known brands, Google mostly wants to satisfy various user needs. And also in other words: Whoever stands out from the crowd has always an advantage!

That helps: Think about what your shop different from your competitors. Bring that to the point on each of your bottoms. And read this article .

4 You offer no or not enough good content

“People should order from me, do not read!” I once heard from an online shop operator. If you had a store, would you answer questions from the customers and advise them or tell them sullenly that they should buy something? On the web, customers can often ask you nothing – or simply do not want it because the answer is only one search query is far away.

That helps: Inform your customers as much as possible about your products. In the support question, which questions are frequently asked and then answer them on the website. Search in forums and search for keywords that might interest your customers. Start with content marketing . Today!

5 You have internal or external duplicate content

Duplicate content can be dangerous. Keep an eye out for three types:

  • External Duplicate Content – If your content can also be found on other domains / online shops / Ebay / Amazon or in case of price comparisons, this can be harmful.
  • Internal Duplicate Content – When similar products or color variants have the same texts, Google sometimes does not know which page should be high.
  • Too Many Recurring Text Building Blocks – When the proportion of unique text on each of your URLs is very small, compared to the text that is everywhere.

That helps: Avoid duplicate content as much as possible!

6 Your web design is stale

Of course “works” an online shop also if the design is not appealing. However, many users are already gone, before they realize that it works. An unprofessional design is like a dirty shop. As a user, you have the impression that nobody really cares, and that is automatically transferred to the quality of the products and the customer service.

That helps: A new web design!

7 Your shop system is outdated and / or badly programmed

“Who buys cheaply buys twice.” This motto applies especially to web development. Unfortunately, the reality is sometimes not so simple: the old shop system was programmed long ago by hand and has since been constantly expanded – a change to a new system is often associated with high costs.

That helps: For smaller online shops can help a system “off the shelf”. Even if a change is pending, a change from Xtcommerce to Shopware is easier than from a specially programmed system. You have to be able to afford your own shop system. Otherwise, a good programmer helps.

8 You have link-contaminated sites

You used Linkbuilding before 2008? Me too! For these links you have to be ashamed (at that time they were great!), But now you should dismantle them or at least disavow. This is also often the case for subsequent link building activities. Old links often hurt more than they use!

That helps: Take a look at your old links and devalues / delete those that are manipulated. Do not be squeamish – in case of doubt, delete it.

9 You have no responsive snippets

Good Titles and Descriptions are meanwhile one of the most important ranking factors, as soon as you have made it into the Top10.

Honestly, which of these snippets would you click? It is nowadays hardly the right keywords in the description, but above all the “what still?”.

That helps: Optimize your important snippets. Look at what people in your industry value in your products. In the example above, the “cheap”, “free shipping”, “fast delivery”, “wide selection”, “all sizes”, “good service” and “80% discount”. In other industries it can be completely different benefits. Read our article about it .

10 You’re keyword-focused

You sell tables so you want to be as high as possible for the keyword “tables”. Many online shop operators watch this keyword and hide everything else. Most traffic comes however – with few exceptions – on the long tail . Two things speak against the “tables” keyword. On the one hand, the traffic is not as high as the longtail (our customers usually have 80-90% of the traffic via “smaller” keywords). On the other hand, the conversion rate is much lower on the keyword “tables” than on the keyword “solid oak oak 120x200m”.

That helps: Take the ranking for your main keyword as what it is – a matter of prestige. Otherwise look at the traffic and especially the sales via Google – this should be your guideline. Incidentally, Felix wrote a nice article about other SEO metrics and evaluates them.

11 You are not running social media

We write the year 2016 and your shop still has no Facebook page? Of course one can argue that one does not necessarily need. You do not need a website, the people can order by fax. But seriously: Except for some quite, very rare exceptions, every online shop today needs a Facebook appearance.

That helps: Create at least one Facebook page. Try to generate, inform, and entertain fans. Develop a social media strategy . Poste things that interest your target group – and no, these are not just your products and special offers.

12 Your product pages are not good

85% of users see the most important criterion for the evaluation of online shops in detailed and informative product descriptions. ( Source ) . Not only does your conversion rate increase enormously through good product descriptions – your rankings also rise permanently. It is not about bringing as many “SEO texts” as possible to the product pages – you should inform and advise! Also the pictures are very important here.

That helps: Steffi has written excellent articles on product pages usability – Read it to you by!


Some will surely wonder that many of my tips do not have much to do with SEO. How, for example, should a single set-up feature ensure better rankings? This is how any user who visits your website will have a better design from the time you have an allotment feature, or have better product pages, stay longer on your page, maybe visit them a second time, and overall With your more satisfied. This improved user behavior – in sum – then generates plus points for the domain as a whole. And already the ranking!

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