Here’s what’s on the ears! German Online Marketing Podcasts

Every day on the way to work and back again I hear podcasts and I love it. Today, I want to introduce you to my favorite podcasts, explain why podcasts are also useful for everyone and give you a tutorial on how to get them super-comfortable on your smartphone.

Benefits of online marketing podcasts

I know many onliners who always say they do not have time to read blogs. For me it is similar. Podcasts have the decisive advantage of being able to take them everywhere and listen to them. They are therefore ideal for the way to work, because blogs read while walking or driving is dangerous! In addition, you can go directly to the office afterwards, and you can try out or look at things you’ve heard.

The Podcasts, which I subscribed, are also very current. For example, Jens and Markus discuss the topics of the SEO House Podcast, which I might overlook. The verbal in a podcast, combined with the (at most mostly) second speaker also leads to the fact that often not only is reported – but you also learn the nuances. Combined:

  • Podcasts can also be heard on the road and thus be productive on the road
  • Many podcasts bring summaries of the events last month – perfect to stay up to date
  • Podcasts are usually a dialogue (two or more speakers) and thus discuss a topic from different sides
  • By the length (usually about an hour) one can treat a topic much more intensively than in a blogpost
  • Podcast are of course more entertaining: emotions, pitch and the voice leave many freedoms!


I think I would be the topic of SEO to my early days in 2007 not been so thrilled had it SeoFM not given. By the way, I had written Marcus about his contact form and thought I was a little hobby SEO and would like to meet me to talk about (SEO) about SEO. At that time I hardly knew any other SEOs. He invited me to come to a reception of SEOfm in the beer garden. Since then I have been there mostly – though not so often at the microphone, so then just in the background.

I think that we have to thank above all for this podcast that we have such a great SEO scene to this day. Even if Marcus Tandler and Fridaynite for six years (!) No longer send, I will always remember this and I wanted to say at this point “thank you”.

So you do not miss a podcast anymore

  • Iphone users subscribe to the following podcasts best on ITunes. I do not know how to do that, but you’ll find it safe.
  • Android users is best to get the APP ” Podkicker ” or ” Podkicker Pro “. With this app, you can easily search for and subscribe to the following podcasts. The consequences can be streamed or – much better – directly download and then also offline or on the road listen. Once subscribed, you only have to press “Refresh” and then on the home page of the APP you can see which new podcasts there are. By the way – although Android – subscribe to the Podcast directly via Itunes. The app has many great features, for example, a sleeptimer. So I can listen to my favorite podcast.

My favorite podcasts

So, now follows my unsorted list of podcasts, which I can recommend you unrestricted. If your podcast is not there, write me an email. I listen to it and extend the list gladly!

SEO House: Jens Fauldrath and Markus Walter

Term frequency now serves as a “home” for four podcasts, which I would like to introduce individually.

Marcus Walter and Jens Fauldrath are particularly concerned with SEO regarding large websites. A great and lively podcast. Mostly, the two do not have a host, for example, Anke Probst (SEO by Xing) in the last episode , I found super informative in regards to the topic of “Bottom Up”. The result before that I have to mention , because Thomas Mindnich can listen for days and the result was not only informative, but also very funny.I was once a guest, which is , however, only three years ago .

Online radar: Eric Kubitz and Kai Spriestersbach

Eric and Kai come from the field of SEO, but make a podcast on the subject of online marketing. Here too, there is usually an expert guest, who then presents “his” theme. The subjects are mixed colors, but always very well selected. So it was the last time, especially on the topic of “Lean Startup” that although I had not heard very often, but have never dealt with it myself. Eric sometimes says in the podcast that he “actually comes from the publishing house”. Then you should listen carefully, because then it is mostly particularly interesting.

Affiliate Musixx: Markus Kellermann

Affiliate starter Markus Kellermann talks about affiliate Musixx about affiliate marketing. After a long break, the podcast, I must confess to my disgrace that I’ve only heard the last podcast – but I liked it very much. The theme was “Why moving more and more bloggers from affiliate” and a blogger argued with Mark on the current challenges that exist in affiliate marketing for bloggers. Dear Markus, please stay on the ball and move on!

Beyond Pageviews: Markus Baersch and Michael Janssen

With “Beyond Pageviews”, a German Analytics podcast was launched about one month ago. I listened to episode 0 and episode 1 and find the podcast super. Since you are at the very beginning, and you think you want feedback, bring some of your favorite features to Google Analytics in a podcast. That would – I think – interest many.

Monkeys on Air: Gordon Schönwälder & Vladislaw Melnik

The Affenblog is one of my favorite blogs anyway. To the blog, there is a podcast, which is about the topic of Inbound Marketing. Unfortunately, here are no new episodes – but the old episodes are also audible. For example, the previously last post about ” customer journey “, explains the five stages of the customer journey. The two I listen to gladly, even if I’m not sure whether the podcast is only a break or was stopped.

Wayne: Marco Janck

Previously known as the Radio4SEO podcast, Marco did not let it be after a short break then and the Wayne podcast came into being. The podcast is now quite difficult to grasp, because Marco is quite diverse. Currently, for example, more SEO topics are added, mixed with partial social policy issues. Or both together, so his “Perspektiving”, which analyzes people from the SEO scene character. So also happened to me two months ago . Marco is usually alone on the podcasten, plus the most serviceable Podcaster (or, Jens?). The music in between has annoyed me since the beginning, but otherwise I have always remained a loyal fan. The podcast is estimated every two years completely new and is enormously changeable. At the moment he is heading in the direction of “fundamental SEO, strongly mixed with experiences from the (viral) marketing and Youtube, combined with social topics”. I like it very much! I would also like to wish guests, that would be great.

SEO Portal Podcast: Michael Schöttler

The SEO Portal is not only the best source of news about SEO in Germany but otherwise a great addition to the scene. Alone that, launched a few days ago ” John Mueller FAQ ” is worth a frequent visit! Here, too, there is a podcast, which I could not subscribe to and therefore missed for six months. Michael, look at the best once, why one does not find the Podcast at Podkicker – at ITunes it gives it yes. Now Playing there an interesting series with the theme “How to Build a (web) project on?” . Michael talks about how to start a web project step by step.

And Seocracy?

We do not have a podcast. I find videos because synonymous very exciting and therefore have become more active on Youtube. I answer user questions about SEO and plan to build a channel for entrepreneur and online marketing tips. The beginnings you can already look at best equal to the subscribe channel !

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